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From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 12:18:41 EST

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    Jim wrote: "Stop telling me to go read books. That is grossly insulting.

    I think not, myself. The study of books, PARTICULARLY those books which
    espouse ideas contrary to one's own worldview, is absolutely imperative
    if one is "studying" and not "confirming previously held opinions."

    " Get one idea that shows where the Bible doesn't reconcile with science
    into a
    public forum, please."

    So many of these have appeared here that it hardly seems useful to do a
    repeat. But here is one. The bible, literally read, says there was a
    "global flood." Now either all the water that flood necessarily required
    came from somewhere and subsequently went somewhere a year later, OR, the
    mountains we now measure around the world were once -- less than 6000
    years ago -- less than 10% as high as they are now.

    Both the above alternatives have been disproven to about the credibility
    we give to Newton's laws of gravity. The Bible simply does not reconcile
    with science wrt to that particular idea.

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