Re: Genesis One that Fits, #3

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 17:47:07 EST

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    In response to challenges against Christianity (and thus Jesus Christ,
    Himself) Allan Harvey writes:

    >Efforts to make the Bible "line up" with science have at least 2 bad

    And later

    >Jim, you're jumping in pretty aggressively on ground many of us have given
    years of prayerful thought and study to. It's good to see a young person
    interested in these things and in the ASA, >but before you shoot from the
    hip too much more, I think it would behoove you to read a book or >two that
    delineates the important issues in a mature Christian manner. Read "The
    Fourth Day." >Or George Murphy's "Toward a Christian View of a Scientific
    World." Or Charles Hummel's "The >Galileo Connection." Or Robert Fisher's
    "God Did It, But How?" Or Richard Bube's "Putting It >All Together." Any
    of these will at least give the basic arguments why a Christian should not
    >try to force the Bible to be a science textbook. Reading a well-written
    book really is a better >path to understanding than these e-mail exchanges.

    Allan, I am trying to heed your warnings about staying calm. You're not
    helping any. You can give 15 billion years of prayerful thought to "the

    If you can't defend one single constructive idea in a public forum, take a
    seat. Stop telling me to go read books. That is grossly insulting. Get
    one idea that shows where the Bible doesn't reconcile with science into a
    public forum, please.
            -Not pleased, Jim

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