Re: Meaning of "kind" (was Old-Earth Creationism)

Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 22:19:51 EST

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    << Assuming that God created all life forms in their own "kinds" (however one
     chooses to define what this means, but it almost certainly must be above the
     level of the species) >>

    Actually, proto-scientific peoples divide animals into "kinds" that are 90%
    of the time identical to modern species for most birds and for any animals
    over the size of a rat. Given that the OT groups animals in a typical
    proto-scientific way and that the Hebrews were proto-scientific, they
    probably did the same. See Paul H Seely, "The Meaning of Min, 'Kind,'"
    Science & Christian Belief, 9:1 (1997), 47-56.


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