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Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 14:29:39 EST

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    Doesnt the bible say insects go on all fours?

    Where does that put extreme Inerrancy?

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    > >From: "Jim Eisele" <>
    > > However, I am uncomfortable mashing the Bible with science. Let the
    > > be the Bible.
    > Yes, much noise & heat could be avoided by doing exactly that. If we "Let
    > the Bible be the Bible" we would stop forcing that text, written in the
    > Ancient Near Eastern and Greek/Roman conceptual vocabularies and written
    > address the questions of that day, to provide simple and unambiguous
    > to modern scientific questions. We would stop trying to settle the endless
    > and futile arguments over the age of the universe or the adequacy of
    > evolutionary theories by (pious but misguided) appeal to the biblical
    > Yes, by all means, let the Bible be the Bible.
    > Howard Van Till

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