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Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 07:50:55 EST

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    Regarding the question of uncertainty let me suggest a good book that
    comes out of the American evangelical tradition and has recently been
    republished by IVP. Daniel Taylor's THE MYTH OF CERTAINTY: The Reflective
    Christian $ the risk of commitment takes the subject on in a gentle,
    winning way. I have used it with great profit in some of my discussion
    groups with faculty and graduates.

    Graham E. Morbey

    On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Keith B Miller wrote:

    > I just want to expand on one comment that Jan made:
    > "Most important is that they belief in Jesus Christ as
    > >their Saviour, and that they are willing to live with unexplained facts,
    > >like we all do."
    > This issue of uncertainlty is a significant one. Helping people to accept
    > a certain amount of uncertainty is very important. Many people want clear
    > straightforward yes or no, right or wrong, answers. That simply is not
    > reality -- either theologicallly or scientifically.
    > Related to this is the place of doubt in the Christian faith. Doubt should
    > not be equated with unbelief -- it is really an opportunity for exploration
    > of truth and the deepening of faith.
    > Keith
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