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    >>I guess that means that it goes beyond question that the story of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) was more fable than parable, and Jesus was just playing mind games with the Sadducees concerning his remarks about the Patriarchs in Matt 22:32. But the problem of I have concerning the creatio ex nihilo resurrection is that if my soul, or, to be more precise, Being, does not exist continuously, I will not be resurrected. This is the basis of a lot of confusion concerning the ethics of cloning. Many seem to have watched too many sci fi flicks, where immortality is achieved through having our bodies replicated, and having our memories programmed into these bodies. But that body over there is NOT me! It may live on beyond me, and begat more clones, ad infinitum, but I will be confined to this body, until I cease to breath. But if God were to create another body, and just equip it with a "duplicate" my memories, then it will not be me, and the resurrection will just be!
     a Divine farce.
    Or, I could be wrong. (You never know when HE is lurking...)
    Norm Woodward <<

    Some sort of creation of a new body must be part of being resurrected, which does not merely entail reassembling the atoms and giving new properties. I know of a cartoon that raises the problem, in which a child asks his Sunday School teacher what happens when a cannibal chokes to death on a missionary. However, the ordinary course of decay, or even respiration or the death of individual cells, means that the same atoms are used in making billions of people at different points in time.

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