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    Hi Jon,

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    >Hi Glenn
    >> Yes he is mentioned in "history". As to Genesis Flood, Whitcomb
    >and Morris
    >> didn't bother to give credit to lots of people whose ideas they
    >> Price was the most notable non-mention in Henry's book.
    >Are you sure? My photo copy of the relevant section has quite a generous
    >mention to Price.

    Well, no I can not be sure as my Genesis Flood is in storage in
    ouston.:-( But I remember that there were reports of those disappointed that
    Price wasn't more properly thanked. But I can be sure of that either.
    >This is a very mixed bag. Miller and Whewell are not in the same
    >category as
    >most of the others.

    Of course it is a mixed bag. I didn't say they were the same. What I said
    was that there was lots of interest in the creation science area, which I
    would contend indicates that the laity were quite interested. This is
    similar to today. YOu could list the books on the area and also have quite a
    mixed bag.


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