How to discuss evolution with friends

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Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 12:28:10 EST

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    ><<>Seriously though, I would like some guidance on how to deal with evolution when the topic comes up with my YEC friends>>>

    Establishing the credibility of your own faith is important. You will then be a creditable source of thoughts, while indirectly calling into question the labelling of old-earth views as inherently associated with bad Christianity. Noting strengths and weaknesses of all views shows both consideration of the topic and the fact that there are many views.

    I try to emphasize my problems with particular claims, rather than YEC as a whole. Theological issues are probably more accessible than many scientific ones. For example, a theologically correct understanding of doing science explains why scientific data should be taken seriously. In order to fulfill our call to rule over creation as good stewards, we must be able to predict its behavior. Thus, it is reasonable to expect creation to act in an orderly manner. Also, in any calling a Christian must be an honest, diligent worker. This contrasts with the identification by some YEC of science as primarily apologetic. The cooperation of many prominent YEC and ID advocates with non-Christians and the theological problems of many claims (chiefly god of the gaps errors and elevation of YEC to excessive prominence) both point to theological weaknesses of the popular movements. A few clear examples of factual error regarding history and science provide evidence that your concern!
    s are well-founded. Perhaps the AiG list of Carl Baugh's wild claims, now on the Talk/Origins website, would be useful in showing that some YECs recognize the clais of others to be flawed.

    I have encountered both polite and hostile responses.

    I hope this is helpful.

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