Re: How to discuss evolution with friends. WAs RE: YEC and loss of faith:

Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 10:55:53 EST

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    Shuan Rose wrote:

    Seriously though, I would like some guidance on how to deal with evolution
    when the topic comes up with my YEC friends

    I don't know specifically what you mean by "when the
    topic comes up" as I expect it would depend on the

    Three things I work with...

    I don't really see any point in insisting on correcting
    everyone who talks about global floods and six 24 hour
    day creations. People can talk with bad grammar and
    diction, but it would be out of order to be constantly
    correcting such people at every occasion. Likewise
    with these sorts of things. There is no need to march
    around waving the "science baton" playing the "science
    policeman." There is a time for every matter under heaven,
    and some things really aren't worth making an issue of.

    Many people in my church know that
    I am a scientist. If they confront me directly with the
    "do you believe in evolution?" question, that opens an
    avenue for dialog. In addition, because I have some
    understanding of science, people come to me and ask
    me questions about science when they have doubts.
    That is the time to offer things that give them something
    to have a real faith in. Again that offers an avenue for
    constructive dialogue and they walk away strengthened.

    Finally: if you actually are confronted with the "you *must*
    believe X" that is when you might find that you really have
    to stand your ground. Again, don't go around asking for it
    by waving that "science baton" around for everyone to see
    and wamping over the head anyone who says something *you*
    think is really silly (and at the same time badgering everyone
    with the invitation "any more dumb ideas?").
    (Please note: I don't assume that you are playing the "science
    policeman," the exaggeration is only meant to point out that
    sometimes there can be other things working in these kind
    confrontations that may have little to do with global floods
    and six 24 hour day creation events. We have to be aware of
    our own role, and that _is_ sometimes very difficult to see.)

    by Grace alone do we proceed,

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