Children of YEC's in Sunday School (WAS: How to discuss evolution with friends

From: Freeman, Louise Margaret (
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 09:36:03 EST

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    Thank you for the thoughtful advice. A variation... how would you adapt this
    advice for talking to children? I teach a Sunday School class of 1st and 2nd
    graders, and, although the pastoral leadership of the church is very
    supportive of theistic evolution, the parents of several of my children are
    committed YECs. The subject hasn't come up in my class yet but I'm sure it
    will... in nothing more than the typical "were dinosaurs on Noah's ark?" type

    Is there a way to explain to small children that they don't have to choose
    between the Bible and science without offending the beliefs of their parents?

    Louise Freeman

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