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From: Vernon Jenkins (
Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 18:20:24 EST

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    Dick Fischer writes, "YEC should be considered for what it is: an
    affront to science, a slap in the face of history, and a total
    misunderstanding of the biblical text." Glenn Morton follows this up
    with, "It (YEC) is 100% wrong. And if that is what the Bible teaches
    then YEC makes the Bible false!" On the other hand, Blaise Pascal (1623
    - 1662) has written, "Reason's last step is the recognition that there
    are an infinite number of things which are beyond it. It is merely
    feeble if it does not go as far as to realise that. If natural things
    are beyond it, what are we to say about supernatural things?"

    I am wondering whether either of these gentlemen (Dick or Glenn),
    transported back in time to Job's day, would have correctly elucidated
    the root cause of his (Job's) condition. In an earlier statement by
    Glenn we are urged to " both the sense data and logic."
    (21.01.02). While in general this may be considered wise advice it
    clearly does not cover the full gamut of human experience. Yet
    scientists (many, like Dick and Glenn, professing Christians) persist in
    the fiction that their activities necessarliy and inevitably take place
    in a supernatural-free environment. Clearly, their triumphalist
    rhetoric rests on little more than _ faith_. But there is in addition a
    certain naivety (or worse) about people who, while claiming to know the
    Scriptures, ignore what they have to say about man's essential nature;
    they, instead, imply that he is more than capable of behaving in a
    logical , even-handed, and responsible manner with respect to the things
    of God. But if that were true, then why the Incarnation and the Cross?

    There are other weaknesses. For example, Glenn does not follow has own
    wise counsel; there are certain sense data that he refuses to examine
    and certain logical steps that he is unwilling to take. I refer to the
    data that reveal the Bible's first verse to be the most remarkable
    combination of words ever written, and the reappraisal of one's
    philosphy of life that should logically follow. Here we have concrete
    proof of supernatural activity that has a direct bearing on events that
    are taking place in our day. Surely, those who are really interested in
    the truth concerning origins will realise that these phenomena must be
    accomodated - either within an existing philosophical framework, or

    The attached file elaborates on the foregoing matters.



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