Re: YEC and loss of faith

From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 16:43:04 EST

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    At 11:18 PM 11/02/02 -0500, Walter Hicks wrote:

    >I once heard a viewpoint that says that God created the Universe with
    >man in mind. In fact: that by the Gospel of John this is conveyed very
    >clearly. If then the universe is created for man, is it so obvious that
    >God would have it do 20 billion years of preparation for the coming of
    >historical mankind. If that "history" is what is needed for the backdrop
    >to mankind, then so be it. Do you think that God could not just as
    >easily start the clock ticking some 10,000 years ago? Yeah, I know that
    >you probably hate the "history built in" argument. Do I perhaps see an
    >a-priori bias for "naturalism" that refuses to even consider anything
    >I don't subscribe to YEC, but I think the arguments generally presented
    >here don't hold overwhelming weight.
    >If they did, then the reaction might be better.

    I have tried to answer this, but thus far I did not get a proper reply to
    it. So again:

    God did not write modern physics to people 6000 or 4000 years ago. He told
    them that He was the maker of everything.
    God did not tell in Scripture how He created, but gave us the Creation He
    made to study: God's Word in Creation. Be careful how you handle it, don't
    waste it, and study it well. It does tell God's story.

    Jan de K.

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