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Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 00:10:45 EST

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    Wayne wrote:
    >I commend Allen Roy for trying to explain the Haymond deposits,
    >and especially for being halfway civil about it. Indeed, he has
    >even shown some keen observation skills that I do respect
    >as a scientist. However, I have yet to feel that this is
    >any ground I can stand on. I must rely on frequent tsunamis
    >to produce 15k layers (which I gather are rather flat),

    I agree with this. Even I have tried to remain civil which is even more
    amazing than Allen's civility. :-)

    One other item on turbidites that one must think of--dewatering. We just
    brought an oil field online this year that is an injection feature. Sand
    was deposited in the North Sea about 55 million years ago (yesterday
    afternoon for Allen) and then covered with an highly impermeable shale. The
    water in the sand could not escape. As more and more shale was deposited it
    meant more and more weight pressed down on the sand. The pressure of the
    water inside the sand increased greatly. This is because as the weight is
    increased the sand repacks itself into a more compact packing arrangement,
    leaving less room for the water. Water, being incompressible, increases in
    pressure. So, this was occurring about the time that the North Atlantic was
    breaking apart, there are lots of tuffs found in these strata and thus one
    can infer earthquakes. The earthquakes seemed to have fluidized the
    overpressured sands and the sands, burst up into the shales, breaking them
    apart and injecting sands into the shales.

    Now, my point in raising this is that if 156 layers of sand and shale were
    being deposited by the flood at the Haymond formation, the shales, acting
    like impermeable barriers to the water the sands contained, should have
    overpressured the sands and caused them to burst through like we see in
    Leadon field in the North Sea. We should see water escape features, we
    should see massive injectites in the Haymond, yet we don't. The laws of
    physics requires this to occur but the flood advocates are not even aware of
    the argument much less the problem it presents to their views.


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