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Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 17:52:11 EST

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    What about the Brits and the White Cliffs of Dover?

    What a symbol of Merrie England!

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    > Jonathan Clarke wrote:
    > >Two years ago there was one lady in tears because of the way in
    > >which her world view had been challenged by the discovery of the
    > >reality deep. Her faith survived, whether by denying geology or
    > >by changing her world picture, I do not know.
    > When I took my first carbonate field trip in 1983 (I was a physicist by
    > training not a geologist), I was absolutely depressed by what I saw. Tiny
    > little burrows in which the animal munched on limestone taking 6 micron
    > bites in this Cretaceous rock. And then to see those same 6 micron bites
    > modern limestones, knowing that it takes lots of time for those modern
    > to dig, left me in quite a bad state for a while regarding geological
    > evidence and YEC. I almost left YEC in 1983, but my 'faith' in the YEC way
    > prevented me for another 10 years. What I found was that my faith was in
    > others, like Baumgardner, etc, rather than in the Bible.
    > Those who have not taken a carbonate field trip with a non-ICR scientist,
    > should really take the time to see what it is that they are missing! The
    > oolites which take time to form imply long ages. So does the chalk beds
    > that are 90% constituted of coccoliths which traveled through the
    > tracks of critters, meaning that cities like Dallas, built on chalk, are
    > built on the excrement of marine animals! Or the 2500 feet of chalk poop
    > the middle of the NOrth Sea which we have to drill through!
    > glenn
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