Re: YEC and loss of faith

Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 19:40:42 EST

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    Walter Hicks wrote:

    > Science does not have the authority that the Bible does, so why should a
    > YEC -- or anyone else -- take such a flawed activity as warranting
    > greater belief that the teaching of the Bible?

    If this was just an issue of what I or you or someone
    else _prefers_ to think on some matter, I would probably
    more or less agree with you. After all, I'm sure I have
    some strange ideas of my own, and I need to grant that
    grace to others than I've also granted.

    However, it is YEC folk who seem to insist on me accepting
    *their* views on what is THE truth. WHO claims the monopoly
    on the truth here? The truth was revealed to us, maybe so,
    but we are all on the long road to salvation, and part of
    that long road is learning to understand what that Truth
    really is.

    By turning to politics, rhetoric, polemics and accusations of
    heresy, instead of DEMONSTRATING that THEIR SCIENCE gets the
    results, YECs folk have made their science unbelievable, and
    therefore, to those who are outside the faith (who hear that
    calling from Christ) Christianity is unbelievable. It is extremely
    difficult for people like myself to even broach these matters
    with the lost, the blind, the lame, and the sheep who have gone
    astray working in the field of science (particularly biology).
    The real message of the Bible is soiled by the opinions of
    people who are all (Christians included) sinners who sin more
    by arrogantly proclaiming that they have THEEEEE truth. WHO may
    I ask, has THEEEEE truth? Even atheist scientists who talk that
    way are eventually shot down (irrespective of the faith of
    any other scientists involved) because it is just plain
    silly to think that way.

    by Grace alone we proceed,

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