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From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 01:29:24 EST

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    Jonathan Clarke wrote:
    >Two years ago there was one lady in tears because of the way in
    >which her world view had been challenged by the discovery of the
    >reality deep. Her faith survived, whether by denying geology or
    >by changing her world picture, I do not know.

    When I took my first carbonate field trip in 1983 (I was a physicist by
    training not a geologist), I was absolutely depressed by what I saw. Tiny
    little burrows in which the animal munched on limestone taking 6 micron
    bites in this Cretaceous rock. And then to see those same 6 micron bites in
    modern limestones, knowing that it takes lots of time for those modern ones
    to dig, left me in quite a bad state for a while regarding geological
    evidence and YEC. I almost left YEC in 1983, but my 'faith' in the YEC way
    prevented me for another 10 years. What I found was that my faith was in
    others, like Baumgardner, etc, rather than in the Bible.

     Those who have not taken a carbonate field trip with a non-ICR scientist,
    should really take the time to see what it is that they are missing! The
    oolites which take time to form imply long ages. So does the chalk beds
    that are 90% constituted of coccoliths which traveled through the digestive
    tracks of critters, meaning that cities like Dallas, built on chalk, are
    built on the excrement of marine animals! Or the 2500 feet of chalk poop in
    the middle of the NOrth Sea which we have to drill through!


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