RE: YEC and loss of faith

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Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 00:46:47 EST

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    >Allan I agree completely with what you say herein. However, I would
    >dispute that it is consistent with what is generally said on this site.
    >It is not that we are disputing that YEC is the ONLY viewpoint. What is
    >being said is that YEC is 100% wrong and should never be considered for
    >more than a microsecond.

    It is 100% wrong. And if that is what the Bible teaches then YEC makes the
    Bible false! That is what the YECs don't see.

    George will kindly correct me when I say this, but I think that the Bible
    teaches evolution. The land and water are what produced life in Genesis 1.
    God worked indirectly through the land and the water and that is exactly
    what evolution says.


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