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Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 22:33:34 EST

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    Hi Burgy,

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    >Yeah. I know. We are singing from the same page of the hymnbook here,
    >Glenn. It is sad. Still -- based on what I see, they are winning the
    >hearts and minds(?) of the multitudes. And I see no way that tide is
    >going to be turned, at least not in my lifetime.
    >But, as Edmund Burke observed, "Just because only a little can be done,
    >it does not excuse one from doing what he can." (paraphrased), we must
    >keep on keeping on in the gallant battle. Fundamentalism is only 90 years
    >old, it has a good way to go before it dies. That it will die, I have
    >little doubt. And, as Allen well knows, both you and I, along with many
    >here, are committed to killing it just a little bit sooner by our
    >arguments and testimonies.

    This is why I continue to confront them. I have had good friends tell me
    that it is sad to see the body at war with itself, but frankly, I wish
    someone had fought hard to keep me from ever having become a YEC. I would
    give almost anything never to have been one. But when I became a YEC, no
    one was fighting them in the church, no one was pointing out how poorly they
    explained things, how they had to use contradictory explanations for
    different situtations, how they violate the laws of physics, the laws of
    chemistry, the logic of math, and the reality of biology. No one pointed out
    how they misquoted and misunderstood the science of geology and wove a story
    absolutely inconsistent with observation. No one was actively pointing out
    how they make the universe a big illusion and our God a big liar. No one
    fought for me and I sank into YEC.


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