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    George wrote:

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    > I think that Glenn has been rather generous about the
    >quality of Barnes
    >ideas concerning relativity and quantum theory, which can be found
    >summarized in
    >his book _Physics of the Future_

    Since I am not often called 'generous' I will take all examples I can get.
    :-) My purpose was not really to critique Barnes but to inform Scott where
    who commonsense science was. One thing I left out of my post is that I
    looked for any references to young-earth creationism and I couldn't find it.
    Apparently commonsense science has no common desire to tell their readers
    where they are coming from

    > Barnes may have been a nice man (Glenn can speak to that) & he knew
    >classical mechanics and E&M. But his work on modern physics was worthless.

    Absolutely agree. That is why I always told Tom that he could only persuade
    me when he could build a cyclotron without reference to relativity. Barnes
    never could. I suspect that Barnes was a big reason Slusher got into that


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