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    Hi George,

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    > Whether or not Christian fundamentalism will eventually die is to
    >large a topic to be taken on here.

    This is one reason I have been collecting and reading creationist books from
    the 19th century. Contrary to claims often made that the YEC's disappeared
    in the 19th century, they didn't, either in England or in the US. They may
    not have held leadership positions in the church (or at least high
    leadership positions) but the laity was buying lots of books with
    young-earth leanings and teachings. Currently I have in my personal library
    books from the following 19th century young-earth/global flood advocates:

    Granville Penn, Mineral and Mosaic Geologies, 1825
    Granville Penn, Conversations on Geology, 1840
    John Murray, Truth of Revelation, 1840
    James Monroe, Evidences and Facts of the Scriptural Deluge, 1843
    Rev. Alexander Strachan, The Antiquity, Literal Meaning and Authenticity of
    the Mosaic Narrative, c. 1852
    Anonymous, The Creation and the Deluge, 1854
    Herbert W. Morris, Science and the Bible, 1871
    Louis Figuier, The World Before the Deluge, 1872 [published from 1863 to
    Abraham Mills, The Ancient Hebrews, 1874
    Thomas Cooper, Evolution, The Stone Book and the Mosaic Record of Creation,
    Isaac Newton Vail, The Earth's Annular System [published 1884-1912]

    I can name lots more that I don't have.

    I also have an 1859 Boston-published college history book which begins with
    the Biblical creation and includes the Noachian Flood. It is George Weber,
    Outlines of Universal History from the Creation of the World to the Present
    Time. This was originally a German book translated into English.

    My contention is that the YECs didn't disappear and my evidence is that
    somebody was buying those books throughout the 19th century.

    Because of this, I can easily conclude, that like the poor, the YEC will
    always be with us.


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