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    >I have been given a reference to this organization and website:
    >I am not qualified to evaluate their claims, but the tone of the material
    >makes me suspicious. Has anyone reviewed their "physical model" theories?
    >Can any of you all supply some insight, criticism, factual
    >perspective, etc?

    At least 4 of the CSS scientists are young-earth creationists. Barnes, who
    just passed away a few months ago, was a friend of mine. He was a bit
    misguided about the dangers of modern physics and never liked chance in
    quantum and did not like the relativity in Relativity. He preferred an
    absolute space but could be forced to admit that one had to use relativistic
    equations to build a cyclotron (I know, he admitted it to me). Barnes wrote
    several articles attempting to replace gravity and all other forces with
    electromagnetism (his field). He wanted a classical explanation for the
    world. Barnes taught at El Paso and was an occasional consultant for a
    geophysical company that made geophones. To give you a flavor of where
    Barnes was trying to go, this is an accurate description from one of CSS's

    "In 1978, Barnes [19] showed that if one takes into account the finite size
    and elasticity of
    charged elementary particles, then Faraday’s Law, Ampere’s Law, and Gauss’s
    Law predict a feedback effect on charged particles in motion. He showed that
    the induced magnetic fields due to the charged particle’s motion change the
    equilibrium shape of the particle, e.g. from spherical to ellipsoidal.
    Barnes derivations showed that this change in shape due to the motion of a
    charged particle is responsible for the so-called “relativistic” change in
    the electric and magnetic fields of the particle, its change in mass, and
    its change in decay half-life. Thus Barnes was able to show that the
    fundamental laws of electrodynamics combined with the Galilean coordinate
    transformation are able to predict all the observed “relativistic”
    phenomena for elementary particles in agreement with Poincaré’s argument
    from logic."

    Bill Lucas (sometimes he goes by Charles) and his son Joseph Lucas have
    published together at the International Conference on Creationism in
    Pittsburgh in 1994. Their paper: The Origin of Atomic Structure - Charles W.
    Lucas, Jr., Ph.D. with Joseph C. Lucas was a wierd attempt to alter the
    view on atomic structure. They also presented A New Foundation for Modern
     Lucas, C. & Lucas, J. at the 1998 ICC.

    Charles Lucas presented A Physical Scientific Mechanism by which God Created
    According to the Scriptures and Science - Lucas,Jr., Charles W., Ph.D. in
    the 1990 ICC.

    David Bergman presented Conflict of Atomism and Creationism in History
     Bergman, D. at the 1998 ICC.


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