New Guinea tsunami information.

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Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 01:26:25 EST

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    > Could you provide a reference on that tsunami study. That sounds like one
    > should have in my library of articles.

    quotes from web page:

    "Figure 2: Location of the Arop School transect. Tsunami sand deposited
    across the coastal plain is a lighter color where it is not buried by a thin
    layer of mud. ..."

    "Tsunami deposits were common and were identified as gray-colored sand
    typically overlying a brown, rooted soil (Figure 4)."

    [Note: Only sand thought to be tsunami deposit. The overlying mud not
    identified as tsunami deposit. Tsunami happened July 17, scientists there
    on Sept 27. Nothing else but the tsunami could have put the mud on top of
    the sand. AR]

    "For further information, contact:
    Dr. Guy Gelfenbaum
    Dr. Bruce Jaffe"

    I asked one of these two scientists about why the mud on top of the tsunami
    deposits was not studied. He told me in an email (which I no longer have
    due to a computer crash) that the mud must have been deposited by the
    tsunami, but that it was too thin to study.

    It seems to me that ANYTHING deposited by the tsunami is as worthy to be
    studied as the debris wrapped around trees (which they did make note of).

    Here are a couple other web sites that talked about the tsunami at New

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