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Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 17:54:59 EST

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    Paul wrote: "You are mistaking me for a YEC. I was not attempting to
    argue that there must be conclusive evidence against a global flood. I am
    just asking for the postivie evidence that it did not happen. What
    specifically are you looking at (feel free to refer me to papers) when
    you say, "The physics problems associated with a purported global flood
    are so overwhelming"

    Paul -- I don't think I EVER mistook you for a YEC. Apologies if my
    reply sounded that way. In this LISTSERV way of talking, one sometimes
    simply wants to see how an argument goes, and I understood that to be
    your intention. Honest! < G >

    The physics problems I was thinking of are those associated with the
    source of the flood waters and what happened to them after the flood
    abated. I suppose these could be called geologic problems also -- not
    being a geologist I will pass on that part.

    I was also thinking (vaguely) of the physical problems involved with (1)
    getting all the animals onto the ark in the specified time, (2) the care
    & feeding & cleaning up after them, (3) the problems after the flood
    abatement of getting them dispersed to their "allotted" geographies, etc.
    I admit that all of these are more than "physics" problems, of course.

    On my web site is a "letter to Ken Ham" written by someone here a year or
    so ago on problems of this sort. It is on page 2.

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