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From: Allen Roy (
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 10:51:51 EST

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    From: John W Burgeson <>> Allen wrote, about "mythological
    naturalism": "Not a new term. It is
    > simply stating that Naturalism is mythology. It's (sic) assumptions have
    > no factual basis. The unprovable assumptions are:
    > 1. matter/energy/motion originated (and continually operates) according
    > to
    > natural laws by which they interact that is inherent within them.
    > 2. Nature is all there is and has ever been or ever will be."
    > New term to me, Allen.

    Creationism also holds at least one unprovable assumption: "nature and all
    its laws originated as invented, designed and created "Ex Nihilo" by God"
    This is
    accepted by faith in the truthfulness of a person found through

    > It is apparent that you see science working with the philosophical
    > naturalism assumption. That SOME scientists do so I will cheerfully
    > agree. That even a significant minority do so I doubt. I know that I did
    > not, even when I was an atheist.

    To me (and I believe most Creationary Catastrophists), Science is the
    scientific method, not a separate philosophy of life as are Creationism or
    Naturalism. It is entirely possible to find science being properly done
    within the philosophical naturalism assumption or within the philosophical
    Creationism assumption. The difference being that the scientifically
    acquired data is interpreted differently within the contrasting

    I will deal more with the attempted philosophical accommodations between
    Creationism and Naturalism in another posting.


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