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Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 15:07:31 EST

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    Allen wrote, about "mythological naturalism": "Not a new term. It is
    simply stating that Naturalism is mythology. It's (sic) assumptions have
    no factual basis. The unprovable assumptions are:
    1. matter/energy/motion originated (and continually operates) according
    natural laws by which they interact that is inherent within them.
    2. Nature is all there is and has ever been or ever will be."

    New term to me, Allen.

    With the proviso that what you are defining is PHILOSOPHICAL naturalism,
    I don't think we disagree.

    It is apparent that you see science working with the philosophical
    naturalism assumption. That SOME scientists do so I will cheerfully
    agree. That even a significant minority do so I doubt. I know that I did
    not, even when I was an atheist.

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