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From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 11:17:27 EST

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    At 10:33 AM 08/02/02 -0500, Moorad Alexanian wrote:
    >On several occasions I have written popular versions of complicated
    >scientific works. I wrote simple enough that an ordinary reader would
    >understand but deep enough that an expert would know that I knew what I was
    >writing about. I am sure the Bible is written in that very same way. They
    >day we know all that there is to be known about the universe, that day we
    >will read the very same verses we have so often read and conclude that the
    >Bible had it always right. Moorad

    I do not doubt that the Bible is written in that way, and that the original
    Bible is always right. So is Creation, since God made it. Though we know
    that the earth is cursed because of man. Gen3:17: "Cursed is the
    ground." I also believe that there is no contradiction between what God
    wrote in the Bible and what God wrote in Creation. God would not lie to us
    in either place. However, men wrote down what God dictated, then other men
    copied (and made errors occasionally, as shown by different old
    manuscripts.) After that translators from Hebrew into Greek, from Greek
    into Latin, from Hebrew into Latin, from Hebrew into English, from Hebrew
    into English using Greek copies to compare, from Latin into English,
    etc.. After that comparing different translations one will find many
    differences, but the main pints come through clearly: God created, man
    sinned and cannot do anything correctly any longer, Jesus died for our sin,
    and we will be with all Christ-believers in eternity, though we still do
    not know what "eternity" means. It could be time without end, and it could
    be something completely different. We do not know. There will be a new
    earth and a new heaven, and no man now living knows what that means.

    However, every copier and translator copies and translates having a certain
    background, which is not "holy" after the fall in sin. Also, only a few
    people remember the time in which I grew up, so that some stories I tell
    are completely misunderstood by the people listening, partly my fault, but
    also because the language and the environment has changed a lot since
    then. The community was small, now it is world-wide, so that people of
    many nations can participate in this discussion.

    To suggest that you know more than I do, i will gladly accept that, because
    there is much I do not know. Such a suggestion does not help any
    discussion however.

    Jan de K.

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