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Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 07:47:08 EST

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    > Allen wrote,
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    > < It clearly says the sun is moving around the earth.
    > Nowhere does the Bible say or infer that the earth is moving rather than the
    > sun. Indeed, as Luther pointed out, the world (the earth upon which man
    > dwells) is fixed and cannot be moved (Psa 93:1; 96:10).
    > If "sound Biblical thinking" means that scientifically acquired data is
    > interpreted within the Biblical paradigm, then you must join Luther in
    > rejecting Copernicanism.

    Paul -
            Of course your basic argument is correct but can we finally give Luther a
    break on this? He certainly thought the sun went around the earth but so did
    virtually everyone else in the mid-16th century. It's hardly fair to pick out an
    after-dinner remark that a student remembered him as saying several years later &
    use it to represent him as dogmatically anti-Copernican. Donald Kobe's article,
    "Copernicus and Martin Luther: an encounter between science and religion" in
    _American Journal of Physics_ 66 (3), March 1998, 190--196, is worth consulting in
    this regard.



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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