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Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 13:56:54 EST

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    Inge asked about this book:

    Physics, Philosophy and Theology ed. Robert John Russell and others

    I reviewed it several years ago for Isis, and like it quite a bit. IMO the
    most important essay is that by Ted Peters, a Lutheran theologian who argues
    convincingly that the church's affirmation of creatio ex nihilo, in its
    fullest sence, arose out of their experience with the resurrection--a real
    event in which God's power over nature was revealed. Thus the early church
    accepted the Jewish view of creatio ex nihilo (developed in the
    intertestamental period, not actually in Genesis explicitly), on the basis
    of their own authentic experience of God's power and sovereignty over the

    Lots of other essays in that book are also good, I'm not meaning to
    shortchange anyone. I didn't write about Peters' essay in my review,
    however, b/c the audience (professional historians of science) generally
    wouldn't get the point, they just wouldn't get it. And there were several
    other articles whose points they would get, so I talked about those.

    Ted Davis

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