Re: Glenn makes front page of AiG today

From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 12:48:11 EST

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    Allen makes the astounding assertion that "Glenn has uncritically
    accepted the
    foundational assumptions of naturalism and all it's associated
    that are the antithesis to sound Biblical thinking. "

    The one word that stands out in the above, Allen, is the word
    "uncritically." It is so much in contrast to what I know about Glenn as
    to be ludicrous.

    As you use it, I must assume that "sound Biblical thinking" must
    necessarily conform to the particular interpretation that the earth is
    <50K years old and that the flood of Noah's time was global. Since both
    those assertions are contrary to factual knowledge, then the only
    rational position for one to take who really believes the Bible teaches
    them is that the Bible teaches falsehood and is, therefore, no more to be
    trusted than the writings of Homer.

    Sorry -- but I can see, except for Gosse's thesis, no other way out.

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