Re: Glenn makes front page of AiG today

From: Allen Roy (
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 11:17:50 EST

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    From: Jonathan Clarke <>
    > Interesting comment, I'll think about that as I clean wax from my ear with
    > big toe... Ah, that's better.
    > Perhaps I could do a double act with Glenn, he admitted to having reddish
    > to his hair.
    > We would really ham it up, enough to make people go ape.

    > Michael Roberts wrote:
    > > Definitely Jon cos his facial hair prooves simian descent .
    > >
    > > Headline will be "Anthropid J Clarke convinces Ken Ham of evolution.

    Typical "Ad hominen" What else should one expect from the American
    SCIENTIFIC Affiliation?

    And, If I met Morton's son somewhere, unless he said, "Hi, I'm Glenn
    Morton's son" I wouldn't know him from Neanderthal either.

    The problem is just as Mortenson says. Glenn has uncritically accepted the
    foundational assumptions of naturalism and all it's associated corollaries
    that are the antithesis to sound Biblical thinking. As a result he must
    reinterpret the Bible within that atheistic concept. So obviously there was
    no Flood and all life forms evolved from single cells, and genetic
    information is purely randomly generated.

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