Re: Glenn makes front page of AiG today

From: Jonathan Clarke (
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 17:43:42 EST

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    They have already had a go at me (and several of my friends) in a minor way...

    It was enough to almost get me kicked out of the church I was currently
    attending. Unfortunately for AiG it back fired on them and after talking to me
    the church leader decided to have no more to do with AiG



    Glenn Morton wrote:

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    > >he must be having an impact then! First Paul Seeley, now Glenn.
    > >Who is next,
    > >Michael or George?
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    > >It is better to be notorious than unknown...
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    > Jonathan is correct and I am notorious in many different camps! But it does
    > make it hard to get published! The only thing I will comment on right now
    > in Mortenson's reply is a pedantic one. Mortenson did meet and even speak
    > to my son, but didn't ask his name so he doesn't know he did it. I just got
    > off the phone with him and that is what he says. My son then gave me the
    > paper when I visited him at Christmas. I will outline everything in my
    > response.
    > I hope George gets the honor simply because he has put up with many a battle
    > with me over the years. He deserves to have something good happen other than
    > me. :-) (that is a joke George!)
    > glenn
    > see
    > for lots of creation/evolution information
    > anthropology/geology/paleontology/theology\
    > personal stories of struggle
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