RE: Glenn makes front page of AiG today

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Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 00:51:02 EST

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    >he must be having an impact then! First Paul Seeley, now Glenn.
    >Who is next,
    >Michael or George?
    >It is better to be notorious than unknown...

    Jonathan is correct and I am notorious in many different camps! But it does
    make it hard to get published! The only thing I will comment on right now
    in Mortenson's reply is a pedantic one. Mortenson did meet and even speak
    to my son, but didn't ask his name so he doesn't know he did it. I just got
    off the phone with him and that is what he says. My son then gave me the
    paper when I visited him at Christmas. I will outline everything in my

    I hope George gets the honor simply because he has put up with many a battle
    with me over the years. He deserves to have something good happen other than
    me. :-) (that is a joke George!)


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