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Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 11:53:08 EST

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    The reason why this is important is because it is a foundational issue in
    our understanding of human nature and life after death. I grant that this is
    not quite up there with core doctrines of the faith (Trinity etc), but
    neither is it too far down below those. And I agree that Christians have
    gotten lots of things wrong, but if we admit that our basic understanding of
    human nature could also be wrong, what confidence do we have that our
    understanding of say, the nature of Christ is correct, or of our
    resurrection? Is the Holy Spirit guiding the church, and how much? I think
    there is more at stake here than what is immediately obvious.


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    Adrian wrote: "This position (of dualism) has been held by Christians
    since the earliest days, and to claim in the 20th century that these
    folks got it wrong all along (i.e. for 20 centuries)on such a major
    theological issue is to call into serious question the role of
    the Holy Spirit in guiding the church."

    I don't know that the HS gives a fig leaf's care whether or not we get
    something so esoteric as dualism vs monism "right." It is clear that
    "over the centuries" we Xtians got a lot of other things wrong.

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