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    >That Jesus was the Savior for man has not been brought into doubt by ASA members (so far) ---- but what about the animals? If they really have souls (as many think), then can they sin? Do they have a Savior also? (Do Ducks have a "Duck Savior"?) Where all does this leave "conventional" Christianity?<

    We are not told much about animals in the Bible. They have lesser value than humans, yet still are important.

    Observation of animals sometimes makes one wonder about the capacity for sin. I once watched a group of DeBrazzas monkeys at a zoo. All the adults were settling down for a nap, but one youngster had other ideas. He would wait until one male was nodding off and then would climb over and yank his tail repeatedly. When the male got fed up and started to move towards the troublemaker, he ran for his mother. The male would settle down again, only to be woken by another yank on the tail. Obviously the youngster knew it was harrassing the other, but is it sin?

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