Do animals ever "sin" (was something else)

From: Walter Hicks (
Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 16:14:39 EST

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    Woodward Norm Civ WRALC/TIEDM wrote:
    > Thanks for the response.
    > Perhaps as expected, I do not agree with much of your conclusions, but you
    > have opened my mind on some concepts which I did not think about before...
    > In that passage in Romans, it does seem to indicate that all creatures are
    > yearning for the time that we may reunite in that eternal Paradise on High,
    > just as we were together in that earthly Paradise long ago.

    In several recent posts, the theory that animals have souls has been
    stated. No definition of a souls was posted -- that I noticed.

    That Jesus was the Savior for man has not been brought into doubt by ASA
    mwmbers (so far) ---- but what about the animals? If they really have
    souls (as many think), then can they sin? Do they have a Savior also?
    (Do Ducks have a "Duck Savior"?) Where all does this leave
    "conventional" Christianity?

    I wonder


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