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Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 08:36:57 EST

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    David Siemens wrote:
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    With my e-mail program, I can't simply enter something identifiable as mine
    when I get a bar rather than >s. So I hope the italics comes through.

    The bar comes from those who have their e-mail set to send html. In this
    case, Wayne is sending html and David has go to a lot of effort to get rid
    of it. HTML affects future readers of the archives. When such e-mails get
    to the archive it is almost impossible for future readers to tell who said
    what. see David's email in the archive So, if one wishes his
    views to be clear from his opponents they might not want to send html.

    There are 3 ways to deal with it and keep yourself clear from the other
    person. The easiest is to put his writing below your signature and write
    your reply above. This is probably the easiest.

    The second is to get the other fellow to change his e-mail but that is not
    always easy to do. For Wayne to change his outgoing mail. Assuming Wayne is
    using Outlook, he would need to go to tools, options, click on the mail
    format tab and change the drop down box from html to plain text. From his
    point of view, it won't make any difference unless he sends html in other

    The third way to deal with it is to fix it. David can alter the mail when he
    replies as I do sometimes. THere are 2 methods. Assuming David is using
    Outlook, hit reply or reply all, then on that window goto Format and click
    on plain text. This removes the bar, but doesn't put in the >. You can put
    it in manually but you have to hit a carriage return at the end of each line
    or it will deformat when you send it. This is a lot of trouble in a long

    Alternatively, you can forward the e-mail to yourself after changing it to
    plain text as outlined above before hitting the send button. Then the
    recieved text mail is properly formated. Reply to this replacing your
    e-mail address with the ASA address and you can proceed as normal.

    Personally, I don't like getting the html e-mail as it causes me the same
    problem. But until this moment, I have simply worked it out.

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