Re: Redheads descended from Neanderthals?

Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 13:09:46 EST

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    That looks like a well researched study on the
    bone structure of Neanderthal. So that really
    makes me wonder, the multiregional theory would
    imply the Asians tended to mix with Homo erectus.

    I have not read much at all on the bone structure
    of Homo erectus, but is there any similar study
    that could support a similar trend amongst the
    Asian populations. One problem that comes to mind
    is that countries like China already had a population
    of 250 M people in 300 AD. So maybe the evidence is
    long gone from all hope of extracting. Still, Asians
    (on average) do tend to be less heavy set compared to
    Europeans. There is also some data that one could
    find from the archeological digs.

    and indeed, in Grace,

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