RE: Redheads descended from Neanderthals?

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Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 09:36:07 EST

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    George wrote:

            One reason many Christians feel that relationship with Neanderthals
    is a
    problem is the idea that God really only cares about human beings. This
    deeper than specific questions about how to interpret Genesis &c. If only
    beings were created with some goal beyiond the merely biological, & only
    are to be saved by Christ, then it's necessary to draw the line between
    humans &
    all other organisms very sharply. We're in, they're out.
            But in fact the biblical picture of God's intention for creation is
    broader than that. If we understand that God's care is for every living
    & that the purpose of the work of Christ is the salvation of "the creation",
    "all things" &c, then it's not necessary to draw that line so sharply. That
    doesn't mean that _Homo sap_ is on the same level as every other species,
    it's not the only one God cares about. God will save Neanderthals in a way
    appropriate to "Neanderthalnis", chimps in a way appropriate to chimpness,
    just as the result of God's salvific action for humans is that we will be
    ultimately what God intends humans to be. & then we can let anthropology &
    related sciences try to determine what the biological relationships between
    _Homo sapiens_ & other species has been without theological constraints.

    I had asked about the origin of this idea that "the purpose of the work of
    Christ is the salvation of 'the creation',
    'all things' &c," before, during our discussion about ET's, but without
    response. Since it is now claimed that it is part of the "biblical
    picture," I would like someone to cite a passage or two to back up that
    As I had mentioned before, while we are assured that God's loving-kindness
    extends to all living things on earth (and, perhaps, elsewhere), we are also
    informed, in Hebrews, that even angels will not be eternally saved by "the
    work of Christ."
    Norm Woodward
    Warner Robins Georgia

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