Re: Redheads descended from Neanderthals?

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Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 16:39:38 EST

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    At 10:20 AM 30/01/02 +1000, Richard Kouchoo wrote:

    >However I have an objection to this line of reasoning since its
    >implications are
    >not very comforting. The special, instantaneous creation of the soul is
    >absolutely necessary, doctrinally speaking. Without it, Christ's death and
    >resurrection are pointless, since the meaning of sin and specifically,
    >sin, as Christian tradition has envisaged it for the past two millennia,
    >redundant. 'A process' of original sin is completely alien to Christian
    >and Tielhard's ideas are more in line with patheism than Christianity.
    >My two cents.

    I don't know about Teilhard's ideas in this respect. But I cannot see how
    "original" sin becomes a process, depending on the way God created
    man. Also, on what do you base the creation of the"soul"? If on Gen.2
    where it is based on the stem "nephesh", why not "soul" in Gen.1 where it
    is translated "living being"? Or Lev.17:11 where it is translated in the
    NIV with life; and then in verse 12 with "none". In Lev. it is equated
    with blood.
    What I say here has been discussed in the reformed churches in the
    Netherlands. Prof,Vollenhoven (Philosophy at the Free University in
    Amsterdam) confessed near the end of his life that already in 1918 he did
    not want to preach about texts in which the word "soul" appeared in
    translation. In 1942 he had already explained to us why, namely that it
    seemed that the translation of the word "nephesh" (and others like "heart"
    and "spirit", not only the word "soul") depended more on the feeling of how
    the translator felt about "man" than about the literal meaning of the
    word. He spent three hours on comparing texts in the original languages
    with us. Also, several preachers started discussing and the result was
    that more preachers started researching and coming to the conclusion, that
    in the Bible man was a unity, sometimes designated as "soul", that is
    "living being." When man dies, he will be resurrected when Jesus comes
    back. Time does not exist for him in between.
    Rather than by followers of Teilhard, they were Reformed people, now not
    even in the United Reforming Churches, but in the Liberated Churches thrown
    out by the Reformed Church, for entirely different reasons, namely
    church-order related. Some I met her again in Canada in the Canadian
    Reformed Churches. All believe, that salvation only comes through Jesus
    Christ, all believe that God created man.

    Jan de K.
    Jan de K.

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