RE: Redheads descended from Neanderthals?

From: gordon brown (
Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 11:23:47 EST

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    On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Glenn Morton wrote:

    > But more broadly, as I noted, the neanderthal traits, amng them red-heads
    > apparently, are spread throughout the entire range of the N.'s. This
    > includes western Russia across through England and as far south as the
    > Levant (King DAvid was a redhead apparently)

    The suggestion that David had red hair is presumably based on I Sam. 16:12
    and 17:42. The Hebrew word 'admoni is supposed to mean red or ruddy. I am
    wondering whether anyone on this list knows whether it has to refer to red
    hair. Could it refer to a ruddy complexion? It is applied to David in a
    context that emphasizes his youthfulness. Its only other occurrence is in
    Gen. 25:25, where it refers to the appearance of Esau (Edom) at the time
    of his birth.

    The subject of red hair may interest me more than it does others since my
    mother had red hair. Thus if, as I have been told, this is a recessive
    trait, then I carry the gene even though my hair is brown. However, unlike
    Glenn, I have genes that gave me long legs.

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