Re: Redheads descended from Neanderthals?

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Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 16:32:31 EST

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    Glenn Morton wrote:

    >Now, this gene is not found in Africans who, according to the Out of
    >Africa view, are
    >the only ones who are supposed to have contributed to the modern human gene
    >pool. If that is true, then the question is where did the gene come from and
    >why does it end up almost exclusively a trait found in regions previously
    >occupied by Neanderthals--namely Europe?

    One of the reasons the Out of Africa scenario is so popular is that there
    is greater genetic distance between existing tribes in Africa separated by
    only hundreds of miles in some cases than there is between Aryans and
    Asians, for example, separated by thousands of miles. Africa then is the
    obvious choice as the cradle of modern human beings since existing Africans
    have been located there for a longer period of time confirmed by their
    greater genetic distance.

    If we all descended from an archaic ancestor such as Homo erectus who lived
    initially in Africa, spinning off Neanderthal about 130,000 years ago or so
    who migrated to Europe, and a later migration of modern Homo sapiens
    ventured out of Africa about 100,000 years ago, the Homo sapiens who made
    it to Europe in the later migration would have encountered Neanderthals
    from where offspring developed resulting in European Homo sapiens with the
    admixture of Neanderthal blood.

    To say we have blood ties to Neanderthal, as those of us who originated
    from northern Europe apparently do (my grandmother and father both had red
    hair), does not mean that as a race we did not arise out of Africa in the
    second migration.

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