RE: Redheads descended from Neanderthals?

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    Frisians apparently originated from an area around southern Sweden and
    Denmark and migrated southwards, possibly as far as Bennekom (sp?) in the
    Netherlands. Frisians may have settled in Kent (UK). There certainly are
    linguistic links with some of the Scandinavian languages.

    Chuck Vandergraaf
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    Hi Jan,

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    >Since I am married to a redhead, and have three redheaded
    >grand-children, I
    >am interested. My wife was from a northern Dutch family, I suspect from
    >Friesian origin. Two of my grandchildren have an Irish grandfather. The
    >Irish may be related to the Scots, I am almost sure, but are the
    >Friesians? Redheads in Netherlands are almost only found in the area of

    The Irish and Scots are most definitely related. The Scots invaded Scotland
    from Ireland around 4-500 AD and finally defeated the Picts, who were the
    original inhabitants somewhere around 800. Originally, the Scots fought for
    the Picts.

    But more broadly, as I noted, the neanderthal traits, amng them red-heads
    apparently, are spread throughout the entire range of the N.'s. This
    includes western Russia across through England and as far south as the
    Levant (King DAvid was a redhead apparently)


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