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    To "look upon the nakedness" was apparently an ancient Hebrew idiom which
    referred to incest. In this case, it appears that maternal incest took
    place, and the result was Canaan. That is why the curse was not upon the
    perpetrator Ham, but upon the offspring of the incestual union, Canaan. That
    appears to be why Moses warned Israel about the perverse practices of the
    people Canaan. Incest was part their ritual worship.
    Interestingly, the only other time drunkedness is mentioned in Genesis is
    when Lot's daughters deliberately get him drunk, for the purpose of
    committing incest.

    Homosexual rape (and castration, the other major interpretation) fails to
    explain why Noah cursed Canaan rather than Ham.

    See F.W. Bassett, (1971). "NOah's nakedness and the curse on Canaan: A case
    of incest", Vetus Testamentum 21:232-37.
    D. Steinmetz, (1994). "Wineyard, farm, and garden: The drunkedness of NOah
    in the contezxt of primeval history" Journal of Biblical Literature, 113,
    R.W.E. Forrest (1994). "Paradise lost again" JOurnal for the study of the
    Old Testament, 62, 3-18.


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    Dick Fischer wrote: "Bible scholars have wondered at this prophetic
    judgment directed at Noah's grandson weighed against the apparent
    insignificance of the offense. Why was Noah angered at his son seeing
    him naked and telling his brothers? "
    According to the book, THE BIBLE AND HOMOSEXUAL PRACTICE, by Robert
    Gagnon, 2001, who appears to be a responsible scholar, the text uses
    oblique language to refer to what was almost certainly a case of the son
    raping Noah. Gagnon makes many references to the surrounding cultures
    and how they viewed male-male sexual contacts.
    Gagnon comes out with a different position on the gay issue than I do --
    but his arguments are both interesting and need to be dealt with. In the
    case above, I am personally persuaded he has made an excellent argument
    for his analysis.
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