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Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 08:21:33 EST

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    >Glenn Morton wrote:
    >> I find so many parallels between what Whewell did and what RTB
    >is doing with
    >> anthropology that it utterly amazes me.
    >You are repeating this assertion without any evidence. I really
    >think your projecting
    >your quite legitimate concerns about RTB onto a different person and era.

    I really have one question. Have you actually been reading what I have been
    posting? I posted these facts using quotations from Whewell:

    1. Whewell in his own words KNEW of the data from the Rosse telescope.
    2. Whewell in his own words KNEW that the nebula resolved into stars
    3. The Rosse telescope was the largest on earth for around 80 years
    4. Whewell decided that the 'stars' were comets
    5. Whewell also made strange claims for stars, saying that they were not of
    the same density as the sun and therefore were not suitable for life.

    I have yet to see you post a quotation from Shapley saying that the points
    of light in the nebula were not stars (in spite of repeated assertions to
    that effect.) If you don't have the data then why are you asserting this?

    I posted a list of issues in the 1920 debate between Shapley and Curtis
    compiled by a historian and the issue of the nebula points of light being
    anything other than stars was not among them. So exactly what is your basis
    for saying what you are saying other than your personal belief?


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