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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 21:54:51 EST

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    David wrote:

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    >This neglects something that I think would have been clear to anyone who
    >had witnessed the crucifixion: one does not swoon on a cross and recover.
    >This is evident in the way they hastened the death of the two crucified
    >with our Lord--they broke their legs. This meant that they could no
    >longer push up enough to reduce the tension on the thorax sufficiently to
    >take a breath. All that is necessary to suffocate a person is to tie
    >their outstretched arms to a support and not put a support under their
    >Observers at the scene had clearly seen that Jesus was no longer pushing
    >up to take a breath during the time that it took to go into the city and
    >get permission to take the body down for burial. This had to be longer
    >than the maximum time that one can survive without inhaling. So, if Jesus
    >had only swooned at first, he would have been dead before they could take
    >him down. This is independent of the spear thrust into his heart, another
    >matter that would be fatal. Unless one can make a case that he was not
    >crucified at all [Muslim style, perhaps], Jesus died.
    >Therefore, we must turn to the resurrection. Were the witnesses lying, or
    >were they hallucinating? These attempts to "debunk" the resurrection have
    >insurmountable flaws when examined thoroughly. The hope that legends grew
    >up later is destroyed by the date of the earliest manuscripts. The
    >testimony of the witnesses rings true, as does the effect of faith in the
    >risen Lord down through the millennia since. If you want to follow a
    >Tipleresque script, you have to swallow harder than anybody I've met can.
    >Science fiction can be fun, but it's not a basis for building a
    >Was the resurrection supernatural? a matter of direct divine
    >intervention? Is there any other possible explanation for someone known
    >dead who later ate and could be touched, yet suddenly disappeared and
    >then turned up in sealed room?

    It is interesting how all of this is observational data observed by the
    apostles. Why do we christians have a tendency to want to believe THIS
    sense data but when it comes to evolution or fossil man, we get mighty
    persnickety about accepting it? I know why and so does everyone else. But it
    is mighty inconsistent to pick and choose what sense data we will accept and
    which we won't!

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