RE: Flawed anthro views of RTB

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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 20:38:36 EST

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    That is quite true of all historical events. The evidence for the occurrence
    of a historical event is quite different from the evidence, say, in
    experimental sciences. That is why one invokes the notion of faith rather than
    proof. In the case of the resurrection of Christ, we have to take all the
    historical evidence and make a personal decision.


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    >I do not have to prove that there is a universe out
    >>there that our
    >>sense and physical devices detect. I assume it! I do not dispute your
    >>assumptions to study nature, but one can never be conclusive about
    >>what really
    >Does this include the possibility that we can never be sure that the
    >resurrection occurred?
    >Your forensic study of the past is fine but it can never
    >>lead to a
    >>certainty, the best it can be is to be true beyond a reasonable doubt.>
    >The resurrection occurred in the past and can only be studied today

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