RE: Flawed anthro views of RTB

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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 20:31:01 EST

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    I do not know of anyone who can prove that his/her experience can prove, in
    the mathematical sense, the existence of a world out there. We assume it and
    proceed to do experiments, etc. I am sure birds cannot prove the existence of
    air, gravity, etc. either yet they fly. Moorad

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    >> Hi Moorad,
    >> One question and one statement.
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    >> I do not have to prove that there is a universe out
    >> >there that our
    >> >sense and physical devices detect. I assume it! I do not dispute your
    >> >assumptions to study nature, but one can never be conclusive about
    >> >what really
    >> >happened.
    >> Does this include the possibility that we can never be sure that the
    >> resurrection occurred?
    >> Your forensic study of the past is fine but it can never
    >> >lead to a
    >> >certainty, the best it can be is to be true beyond a reasonable doubt.>
    >> The resurrection occurred in the past and can only be studied today
    >> forensically!

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