RE: Flawed anthro views of RTB

From: Scott Tucker (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 15:43:53 EST

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    Glenn Morton wrote:

    > ... All of the above are cases where the sense
    > data is doubted for theological reasons, with the
    > doubter often thinking he is doing Christianity
    > a service when in fact he is undermining the
    > entire reason for our faith--the real, non-illusory
    > resurrection which was determined to happen based
    > solely upon sense data!
    > Beleive the sense data!

    Just wondering,

    If believing the sense data was my rule, wouldn't I inclined to _not_
    believe in the Resurrection?

    How should one think about the resurrection -- as a miracle, in the sense of
    a supernatural, "suspension/violation" of laws of nature or physics, or, as
    Clarke might suggest, "a sufficiently advanced technology, indistinguishable
    from magic?"

    --Grace and Peace,
      Scott Tucker

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