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From: Ted Davis (tdavis@messiah.edu)
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 11:52:39 EST

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    In past years I have invited subscribers to this list to participate in an
    assignment I make for the senior science majors who take my "captstone"
    course, a course about HPS and Xty and science. I have them interview a
    Christian in one of the sciences or in a science-related field, either in
    person or by email. Volunteers expect to be asked questions about their
    professional lives and their spriritual lives. No one should be contacted
    by more than one student.

    Because one of my colleagues is on sabbatical this spring, I am teaching
    two sections rather than one, so I need more volunteers than I've needed in
    the past. The assignment calls for interviews to be completed by mid-March,
    and most of the students will probably do the interviews in late Feb or
    early March.

    Anyone wishing to participate this year is invited to contact me at
    tdavis@messiah.edu in the next several days. I will make your name and
    email address available to the students in early Feb.

    My thanks in advance to all who respond,

    Ted Davis

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