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Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 20:22:03 EST

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    Although I have dominantly worked as an engineer, 3 decades ago I did my
    Ph.D. thesis on the dynamics of fusion plasmas. At that time, the major
    problem was instabilities. Some 15 years later I had the good fortune,
    on a business flight, to sit beside the then head of the tokamak project
    at MIT. He said that the primary problem was no longer instabilities and
    confinement, but rather the difficulty of extracting the heat in a
    useable fashion,. His claim was that nobody even had a decent idea for a
    line of research to offer in order to get funding.

    I see that Hutchinson of MIT will be speaking at the ASA meeting in
    August. I hope to be there and hope he has something to say on this


    Glenn Morton wrote:

    > The problem with all the alternative energy sources I have looked at
    > is that they can't come anywhere near providing the energy which oil
    > gives us. And I agree that the funding for alternatives, especially
    > fusion, is far too little. We need to fund fusion research and solve
    > that because that is the real answer as I see it.

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